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1.   Who Are You?

Health Front, formerly known as Northern New Mexico Emergency Medical Services, is an independent, dedicated, expert group of board eligible and board certified emergency physicians who have been providing care and proudly serving the communities of northern New Mexico for over 35 years.

2.   Where Do You Practice Medicine?

We provide emergency physician staffing in the emergency department at CHRISTUS St. Vincent Regional Medical Center located in Santa Fe, NM.

3.   Why Do I Receive Multiple Bills
       For a Single Emergency Room Visit?

This bill you receive from Health Front is for medical services provided by our emergency room physicians. This is NOT a hospital bill. You will receive a separate bill from the hospital and possibly other departments depending on what services you received. We submit bills to your insurance company IF we possess all of the necessary information. Please contact us if there are any errors or to validate that we do have the correct information on file.

4.   If I Have Questions About My Bill, Who Do I Call?

We contract with a medical coding and billing company called MedData that staff a customer service phone line and provide customer service representatives fluent in English and en Espanol who are eager to assist you with your questions. Please call: 1-888-828-3197 during the hours: 8 AM EST to 7 PM EST, Monday through Friday.

5.   How Can I Pay My Bill?

You can pay your bill on-line through the internet at: www.meddatabillpay.com/SAF or by phone by dialing: 1-888-828-3197